Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magazine Obsession, Part 1: Living & More

It's (almost) a little embarrassing when I count up how many magazine subscriptions I have.  I just love them, especially design/lifestyle-related ones--though I'm actually surprisingly picky about them--and I'm always delighted to find a new one to buy (The Husband is not quite so delighted).  When we arrived in this country, naturally one of the first and most important things on my "to-do" list was to check out Germany's mag selection.  Incidentally, if you ever read either of my Japan blogs, you probably noticed that I have no problem buying magazines that I cannot read.  But back to this German one, which I am hopeful of having the possibility of reading one day.

Isn't it pretty?  This is the latest issue, which I just nabbed from the grocery store yesterday (paid for it, of course--though I paid for one last week that I didn't manage to place in my cloth grocery bag, as I got so flustered at the next patron all riding up on me from behind at the register--slow down, already!).  I haven't figured out how to subscribe to it, as the website is rather cryptic.  I did somehow order another German mag subscription online--more on that another time.  Anyway, I think this is my favorite magazine here, though the page count is a bit skimpy.  But if you love color and lots of it, the way I do, it's hard to resist.  Have a look at this:

Miriam Strehlau's home in Goa, India

Flower Fairies--yay!

the home of Susann Krebs--matryoshka and kokeshi doll love

Nice, ja?

I'll share from another Living & More issue soon!


ashlina said...

so...i am super jealous. none of the magazines in my grocery store look nearly as fun.
that is beautiful. the colors are great.

thanks for sharing

eurolush said...

Hello, fellow magazine junkie! I knew I recognized a kindred spirit.

Funny--I totally know what you're talking about in the grocery store lines. Those Germans love to get all up in your business. When it happens to me, I'm all BACK OFF, OMA, I GOTS CHOCOLATE TO BUY.

Ladyfée said...

bonjour ! je découvre votre blog en recherchant le magazine dont vous faite la promotion sur votre article, je le trouve pas mal du tout, mais je ne pense pas qu'il soit diffusé en France ? ! merci pour votre partage, et bon dimanche, Ladyfée

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