Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ireland in May, part 1

Yes, you read that right: Ireland in May. And it's August--almost September, already! Let's just say that things got more than a little busy near the end of our school year, and blogging was not--could not be, really--a priority. Then came our annual six weeks or so of summer vacation in Texas, followed by jet-lagged stupor back here in Germany, combined with compulsive late-summer daily hijacking of my laptop by The Boy. See why I haven't been around for a while?

But now the dust is settling, and I have time to revisit our five-day trip to western Ireland. What a charmer, this place! Honestly, I wasn't quite prepared for so much beauty in counties Clare, Kerry, and Cork. And so much stone! Today I'm showing you sweet little Kilkee, where we spent our first night in a spotless and lovely seaside B&B, and a couple of pics at the touristy but required Cliffs of Moher. Scary cliff edges, a Full Irish, surprising sunlight, roads with no shoulder, and a Boy desperately in need of a haircut (he got one a couple of days later, from an English barber in Dingle!).
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