Thursday, May 8, 2014

Around Here: Springtime

It's been awfully chilly and cloudy so far this week. Last week was pretty nice, though. We took advantage of some warmer, sunnier weather to plant more geraniums, put out some mulch in the back garden, plant some kresse, and--oh, I don't really recall what all we did. Last week is running together with the week before, when the weather was even nicer. We were outside a lot--planning, planting, and weeding. Despite the current chill (these crazy weather ups-and-downs are par for the course here in May), our garden and other parts of the village are telling us it's Spring. 

Thanks to Husband for the lovely photos (except the one with the colander--I took that while pulling up a bunch of stinging nettles from the back garden and clipping a bunch of the leaves to use later that day in a recipe).

In family news, happy healing to the Boy, who fractured his femur above the knee in soccer back in March (thankfully less major than it sounds, but the healing process takes months). And a big high-five to the Girl, who finished her freshman year of college yesterday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Annecy, Waterlogued

I had fun playing around with some of the photos from our French Alps trip. Waterlogue is such a cool app!

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