Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Romania in June: Malancrav

In June, we went to Romania for the wedding of Romanian friends of ours here in Germany. Following the wedding festivities (and were they ever impressive!) in their small hometown, we ventured to several other cities and towns before heading back to Bucharest for our flight home. Certainly among the most atmospheric places we've ever visited--anywhere--was the village of Malancrav, home to one of the restored guesthouses belonging to the Mihai Eminescu Trust. The Trust is dedicated to the conservation and regeneration of villages in Transylvania and The Maramures, surely two of the most unspoilt regions of Europe.

We had this lovely traditional home all to ourselves for a night, and amidst the clip-clop of horses and the curious stares of villagers, we truly felt like time travelers. 

For the rest of this post, I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Back soon with more from Romania, plus more recent destinations.

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