Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fasching Shenanigans

Yes, it's that time again (or it was a couple of weeks ago--as usual, I'm a bit late in posting). Have a look at a bit of the craziness of a small-town Fasching parade:

The uncharacteristic moments of sunlight gave me a bit of trouble with the photography. Mind you, it was absolutely freezing as well. But we got a fair amount of candy, thanks in large part to The Girl, who is fearless at leaping for anything thrown in our direction, and even walking right up to someone on a float handing out free (full-sized!) tubes of foot lotion. I got hit on top of the head HARD by a flying Snickers bar, but no one cared, and I ate it later. Adult-sized garden gnomes, walking Euros, questionable logos, a soccer team dressed as Native Americans, and a haul of hard candy we'll never eat--fun times!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Day in Nancy, France

I know what you're thinking. "Hey, Hausfrau, it's the first of February, but these photos look as if they were taken in December. In fact, those last two seem to have been taken at a Christmas market."

Sadly, you would be correct. These were taken on a pre-Christmas day-trip with good friends. They'd never visited this lovely city a couple of hours away, full as it is of Art Nouveau architectural details and loads of delicious Quiche Lorraine. We had fun meandering, eating and drinking, and letting The Husband ask for directions (go figure--I can speak French while he cannot).

Despite the cute shops and gorgeous Place Stanislas (considered one of the most beautiful city squares in Europe), never go to Nancy for its Christmas market. Go somewhere else--anywhere. 

Over and out.
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