Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Metz Miscellany

My most recent Metz photos weren't all of doors, though it's true that at least half of them were.

We found Le Vélo Rose at 28 Rue Taison, behind the Cathedral. It's a mix of new and vintage items, and I found the prices quite reasonable. Check out the shop's actual "vélo rose"--complete with a set of boules attached to the handlebars!

On the same street, I spied another cute shop with this wonderful jewelry in the window. I'd love to have one of those necklaces made from vintage watches.

On the corner, we found the tiny but very busy pâtisserie-boulangerie Aux Merveilleux de Fred, where Husband fell in love with a couple of warm-from-the-oven pastries with caramelized sugar--so much so that he went back for more! Friend Jodi and I (see our reflection?) took a couple of photos before moving on. Yes, I had one of those pastries, and it was fabulous!

I liked this place's mailbox, as well as their door handles.

And I thought these mini-trucks were pretty adorable.

We flâneurs got hungry (and thirsty) after wandering for a couple of hours. We stopped in this cute café/bar for drinks and tartines.

Now we're seated and looking at the menu boards.

This is Loroyse, a beer from the Lorraine region, where Metz is located.

We enjoyed the food and friendly service at Autour du Zinc. We'll likely return!


Sunday Taylor said...

Oh this looks lovely. Is this a town in Lorraine, France? What a fun trip. So many places I want to travel to...Love the look of that pastry shop!

Helena said...

WoW! I'd spend forever and a day in this town! The jewelry looks divine.

Hausfrau said...

Sunday, yes, this is in the Lorraine region. It's becoming a favorite of ours, since it's just an hour and a half away.

Helena, the jewelry is great, isn't it?

BavarianSojourn said...

I am rather hungry now having read this post, and that bierre looks lovely too! :)

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