Thursday, April 28, 2011

French Countryside Holiday: Our Hotel

photo credits 2, 3, 5, 6: The Girl

Hotel des Deux Rocs, Seillans: antique-filled, surprisingly spotless, quirky, dog-friendly (witness the resident attack-hound, Biscuit), well-priced, completely charming--feels like the maison of an eccentric French aunt and uncle. Our home for five delightful days.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

French Countryside Holiday: Day 1

The lovely town of Beaune, steeped as it is in wine and mustard, proved a delightful stop for several hours. We were spending the night outside nearby Dijon, just over four hours away from home, en route to our holiday destination in the high country of the Riviera. Our time in Beaune was a pleasant, unintended bit of serendipity along the way. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Modern Vintage Style

I have a new design book to love (sorry about the fuzzy photo--I'm too lazy to take another one). It's the latest offering by Emily Chalmers, the woman behind two other favorites of mine, Table Inspirations and Flea Market Style. Have I mentioned that I made a pilgrimage just over a year ago to her London shop, Caravan, only to find it closed for the winter holidays? Oh, the disappointment! 

I'm such a fan of the eccentric, hodge-podge interiors that catch her eye. Did you read that recent article about the "trend" of undecorating? To me, the lived-in creative world of Emily Chalmers exemplified this kind of style way before it had a name.

It's a look that's quirky and deeply personal. I love that Chalmers encourages us to "clash fabrics." Isn't that fantastic?

She also wants us to "bring back crochet" and "create clusters." Pile on the color and texture, and please do mix vintage items with modern ones. Yay!

all photography by Debi Treloar

The last photo? That's Nathalie Lété's bedroom! I'm so not surprised it appealed to me.

So, yeah--this is a lovely book that exceeded my expectations. Maybe you'll like it, too!
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