Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day

Wednesday, late-afternoon, behind our house

Around here, we don't generally get many full snow days, as the roads are usually pretty clear by mid-day. A two-hour school delay is more common but still doesn't happen all that often. So, the kids were pretty happy to get to sleep in quite late yesterday and then come downstairs to waffle batter and a roaring fire in the wood stove. It was nice. The Husband exercised, the Boy hit the video games, the Girl managed to clean her room, and I did lots and lots of pinning. Oh, and we all took a couple of turns on the Boy's new pull-up bar (a couple of us were given slight boosts).

You know, I've learned to embrace winter here--I don't even mind shoveling snow as much as I did a few years ago!

Wherever you are, I hope you're staying warm.

*I'll be back soon with some day-trip photos from before Christmas--I keep forgetting to load them on my laptop!


Sunday Taylor said...

Hi Diane, I really enjoyed your post since I have been thinking a lot about cozy winter scenes. Here in Los Angeles, we never get snow and at this time of the year I would love to travel to a snowy environment and stay in a cozy hotel. With lots of roaring fires and hot chocolate! Sounds as if you are embracing the weather, enjoy!
xx Sunday

BavarianSojourn said...

Lovely pics! Enjoy the white stuff! We have had so much snow, but no sign of a snow day! I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow! :)

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