Tuesday, April 26, 2011

French Countryside Holiday: Day 1

The lovely town of Beaune, steeped as it is in wine and mustard, proved a delightful stop for several hours. We were spending the night outside nearby Dijon, just over four hours away from home, en route to our holiday destination in the high country of the Riviera. Our time in Beaune was a pleasant, unintended bit of serendipity along the way. 


Jump into A Book said...

Looks like an absolutely beautiful place to repose for a bit. Enjoy your time in France.

Hausfrau said...

Thank you! We are back in Germany now--I'll be posting more photos soon!

leslie said...

yay bookstores!!! did you guys drive from germany for this trip?

Hausfrau said...

Yes, Leslie--we drove. The Dijon area is under five hours from our house; the area of Provence that we visited is about ten hours away, total.

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