Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creative Inspiration with Nathalie

So, how about some creative inspiration for the day?  Have you still not seen this video of artist Nathalie Lete painting live in the Tokyo shop Usagi Pour Toi in November?

Isn't it lovely?  I like that you can hear jazz and Japanese giggling in the background--that just adds something to the experience.

I've admired Nathalie's work--which fits quite nicely with the Fairytale Hausfrau aesthetic--for several years, and I've kicked myself for not buying (while still in Japan) this Jeu de Paume book in which I first saw her art.  Of course, she has a website, where you can admire her art and find out where to buy some of her products.

Oh, and her home was featured in the October '09 issue of now-defunct Cookie magazine (unfortunately, I don't think it can be found on the Cookie site).

Wait!  I've just discovered that it's now possible to buy Jeu de Paume books directly from their website, even if you aren't in Japan!  Hooray!

*For more on Nathalie Lete, and especially on where to find some of her products in London, see this post by Wee Birdy.


vmichelle said...

Amazing how she just flows as she paints! My favorite part is the painting on the window. Thanks for the introduction - I'd never heard of Nathalie Lete before!

Heleen said...

I am in love with her work too!! such a wonderful little film, great to see her working! Thanks for sharing.

The Hausfrau said...

Heleen and vmichelle, glad you enjoyed the video!

philippine real estate said...

Cool video, I love the painting too.

Deirdre G

The Hausfrau said...

Deirdre, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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