Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can somebody please turn this stuff off?

Enough with the snow, already.  I mean, how about just a quick break in the action--say, ten minutes or so?  As I write, snow is blowing around the yard--blowing.  As if falling straight down from the sky for hours isn't enough, it has to blow.  Being a daughter of the American South, I am simply not accustomed to snow at all, so blowing snow?  Nuh-uh.

Like a good faux-German, I was out front sweeping and shoveling this morning--although not quite before 9 a.m., the Magic Time by which any Germans worth their weight in rock salt are supposed to have taken care of this delightful chore.  As I scraped, swept, and flung, I tried to meditate on the idea that because of the workout I was getting, I wouldn't have to pretend to feel bad about not doing the Wii Fit later this afternoon.  But the blowing snow was not adding cheer to the situation, and it wasn't helping my hair any, either.

But what was this?  Our friendly DeutschePost mail-frau alighting from her yellow car-truck-thing and coming toward me with these two adorable packages in hand.  She presented them with a pleasant "Bitte-schön," (here you go, sista), and I accepted them gratefully and ran inside so I could see what I got before my eyes froze.

Of course, I already knew what it was, because it was (obviously) from Cath Kidston and I had (obviously) ordered it for myself.  I know, you'd think I'd have gotten a decent fill of Cath goods during our Christmastime trip to London (more on that later), and I did indeed buy a couple of items at the Covent Garden-area shop.  But when I saw the after-holiday Online Sale, I couldn't resist.  I needed a Spring purse and skirt, you know?  Anyway, the lovely floral print on the bucket bag provides a moment of encouragement for someone who is experiencing blowing snow.  See, it's almost medicinal!


kirsty said...

Even the plastic wrapper looks gorgeous! How does CK do it?! Enjoy the snow, it won't last forever!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Nothing brightens a dreary snowy day than a package from Cath Kidston. oh yeah. xo, suzy

vmichelle said...

Even the mailer looks great. I love getting packages! That tote is super cute.

Vintage Mama said...

Hey babe! Thanks for visiting me on my bloggity-blog! I see were both fans of Cath Kidston (I have it as my wall paper on chrome google) and we're both Vintage Housekeepers! If you click on the homepage you can see that my birthday is tomorrow!

Die Rabenfrau said...

9 a.m.?? No, here it is 7 a.m. on working days and 8.30 a.m. on weekends. Terrible!

The Hausfrau said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!

Happy birthday, Vintage Mama!

Rabenfrau--7 a.m.? You're right, that is terrible! Shoveling in total darkness! I think my husband may be one of the only people on our block who is even up and getting around that early!

ashlina said...

thanks for following my blog.
your blog is absolutely adorable!
i love it!!!!
P.S. i am jealous and wish it was snowing in LA...

happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

it's about damn time.

Chocolate Cat said...

That is a gorgeous parcel! Love the wrapper!!

leslie said...

holy cow i am late to the party!!!! i want to visit!!! this is awesome, so glad to read about your germany experience. hope your london trip was fun, did you like persiphone???

The Hausfrau said...

Leslie, I was just about to pop over to your blog to let you know about the new blog! The London trip was very fun, and yes, I did like Persephone--more on all of that soon!

Heleen said...

I love your package!

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