Thursday, January 5, 2012

Edinburgh: Our 'Hood

Happy New Year to you! We're getting back into some semblance of a routine following a delightful winter break, spent half at home and half away--a perfect mix. We enjoyed the first five days of the break in Edinburgh. We'd never been to Scotland, and I'd been wanting to go for several years, so I was pretty excited about this trip.

We stayed in a wonderful furnished apartment on E. London St. This is the view from the apartment's living room--or maybe the master bedroom. It's hard to say what time it was; it got dark around 3:30 each afternoon. Actually, this photo may have been taken early in the  morning. Husband is an early-riser, even on holiday, and he always enjoys going on little jaunts before the rest of us wake up. He might have taken this before setting out.

He always someone/something photogenic on his walks. He usually manages to find some coffee and a newspaper, too.

Look! It's the site of Conan Doyle's birthplace. He led such an interesting life.

Now for the coffee: Artisan Roast on Broughton St.--some of the best coffee in Edinburgh, supposedly. 

Husband certainly liked it--he bought a bag for us and one for a friend.

Cheeky! This is a reference to The Elephant House, the cute Old-Town Edinburgh coffee shop where J.K. Rowling used to write. The Elephant House is featured at least a couple of times in the Sunday Philosophy Club series by Alexander McCall Smith (is it okay to mention that I considered stalking him while in Edinburgh? Just kidding! Sort of.). 

More soon from Edinburgh!


Di said...

I was in that very shop just before Christmas - topping up on my favourite tea bags - rooibos with cinammon and pear. That end of town is a great area to stay for exploring. My friend used to live about 5 minutes from there on Hopetoun Street - it was always our crash pad after nights out in the city. Now he's moved to the suburbs it's not quite so handy ;-)

Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh - it is a great city!

Ariana said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Edinburgh is definitely high on our list of trips to take more locally. And good coffee? Sign me up!

mary @ figwittage said...

I've always wanted to visit Scotland too! And Ireland, hell... half of Europe really :) Hopefully someday! I'm looking forward to more photos annnnd... now I want a good cup of coffee! xx

Monica said...

so glad you enjoyed your break. we loved edinburgh where we took our 1st anniversary back in 1997. haven't had a chance to return but i would like to. beautiful city.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Now you have me wondering if we can squeeze in a trip to the cheeky, quirkiness. Can't wait to see more.

Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

Edinburgh is on my "bucket list" (and Scotland in general). :)

Sunday Taylor said...

I love Edinburgh and Scotland, though have only been once. The photos are great and capture the feeling of Edinburgh in the winter. I didn't know that Arthur Conan Doyle was born there. I really want to go back and see more of Scotland. Sounds like you had a great trip with your family!

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