Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Edinburgh: A Miscellany

Okay, so here are the rest of the photos I wanted to share from our trip in December:

Apartment breakfasts, chocolate soup, our name everywhere, Adam Smith, fried Mars Bars (insanely good!), Harry Potter, Scottish Reform, Neoclassical architecture, thistles, and a big wheel--see you again, beautiful Edinburgh!


ImagiMeri said...

Thanks for the lovely trip to Edinburgh! I haven't been there in so long, and I miss it dearly. Looks like you had a grand time!


Carrie said...

These are great! It seems like you had a fantastic trip. :)

Monica said...

enjoyed these!

and so that's what a fried mars bar looks like. these are the stuff of legend. you ate a whole one?

Hausfrau said...

Thanks, Meri, Carrie, and Monica!

Ha--no, Monica, I didn't eat a whole one--but I probably could have! We split two between the four of us. The Boy was hoping to get another one for himself, though!

vibeke said...

looks like you had a fantatic trip!
and now you made me hungry : )


Momographica said...

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, I had been there twice but I must admit I have a stronger admiration for the wild side of Scotland (Highlands). People were very nice as well.

You look like you had a lot of fun :) Did you try haggis?

Relyn said...

A miscellany... I love that description. Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words over at my place. I appreciate them and you more than I can say.

Hausfrau said...

Yes, we all tried haggis (on pork sandwiches) and liked it! We want to visit the Highlands sometime, for sure.

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