Monday, June 14, 2010

Through the Keyhole

I'm joining Holistic Mama's Through the Keyhole ("real people, real homes") for the first time this week. This time the theme is a real-life view of our coffee tables and how we use them. This is ours, which is actually a Japanese kotatsu, or heater table. Japanese homes can be quite chilly and drafty in winter. Our Japanese house had large, single-paned windows and no insulation, so during the cold months (which thankfully weren't that many or all that cold in our part of Japan), we would sit on pillows on the floor under this table, which has a quilt that sandwiches between the top and the base (we remove it during warmer months). You sit under the quilt and turn on the heating element under the table. It's quite cozy. 

Now that we're in Germany and have a woodstove right by the table, we don't really need the heater part, but it's still nice to sit under the quilt. We often eat dinner, Japanese-style, here, which is why there are place mats. It's also often a study center for my kids and the place where I have breakfast and get on my laptop every morning next to my trusty hund, Yoshi. Oh, and there's usually a stack of books atop; right now the titles are Gypset, Garden Anywhere, MaryJane's Outpost, and The Idle Parent. Our coffee table is a happenin' place, indeed.


Lisa C said...

I have always like Japanese decor, although I eventually decided it was me. But I still love it. I love the tradition of eating low to the ground, too. My toddler would love to eat at such a table, I'm sure!

RMb said...

we just got a new coffee table & they are so great. i LOVE yours!! you have excellent taste!

Carin said...

Wow, how interesting- I had never even heard of a heater table! Makes perfect sense though and it looks lovely!

Mon said...

a HEATER table???!!! omg, i'm in love. i'm one cold-footed mama.

thanks so much for sharing.

shaktimama said...

Gorgeous, and I really like your blog's feel too! I'll be coming by again :).

Jennifer said...

Ahhh that reminds me of granma's house. Sans the heater, which isn't needed in Hawaii. :)

Beautiful table! Seems like a lovely spot to start your day.

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