Saturday, June 26, 2010

Magazine Love: Gypsy Style

I hesitate to say that something is "gypsy" style--it just somehow seems a bit "un-p.c."--but in this issue of  the new German mag "We Love Living," that's the exact term used for this feature. I found this spread irresistible and right up my alley; I'd love to have an outdoor party like this. It's eccentric, boho, set in the country, and--apparently--based around gorgeous textiles and delicious food! Enjoy the photos (click to make them larger). Sorry that a couple of them are more than a bit blurry; I just noticed!

Go to for some real gypsy music. Now, are you ready for a party?


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I love the whole Boho look to it and the food looks awesome

Jennifer said...

Ahhh be sure to invite me! Looks lovely.

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