Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Mori Girl Mag

This is a great new Japanese mook called Valon, which is all about the Mori Girl lifestyle. I was excited to find it on ebay. If you know and like Spoon, you'll like this. Click on the pics below for more detail.

You know how Mori Girls like baskets and clogs, right?


Such adorable succulent mini-gardens--and check it: there are Mori Boys, too!

I love Japanese bikes. Crocheted mushrooms? Yes, please!

Lovely, fresh style...

Mori Girls are often musicians, like Yuki Hanai. And Mori Girl picnics are always fun...

Incidentally, if you know of any cute Mori Girl blogs, I'd love to hear about them!


vmichelle said...

I love the mori girls! I guess I still need a bike and a picnic blanket to get in the gang.

Last week I came across Clever Nettle. She takes scans from Fudge magazine and posts them on her blog. Does that count?


The Hausfrau said...

Oh, yes--I think Clever Nettle's Fudge scans can definitely count! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Japan, Hyogo.
Thank you for comming to my blog.

I didn't know what 'Mori girl', so I googled it!! I've never heard the word 'Mori girl'before. I'm like 'T-shirt and jeans' person, but yes, I can easily find 'Mori girls' everywhere these days. I think they look good! I would have been like them if I were 20's!
How do you like 'Mori girls' style? I assume that it's originated from your own culture? It seems very European for me. Is it not?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for giving the giveaway a try :-) I'm now putting you on my bloglist, about time!

The Hausfrau said...


I really like Mori Girl style. But for me, at my age--which is definitely past the 20s--it is less about the clothing than it is about the culture (what Mori Girls tend to like, such as cameras, bookstores, baking, picnics, cafes, and crafting).

Yes, I do think that a lot of the Mori Girl style comes from Northern Europe--oh, I live in Europe but am actually American. I need to look up where you live in Japan. We lived in Iwakuni and loved it!

Metal_Minish said...

Ah, mori style... It's so natural and beautiful. Wish I could find more images of mori boys, and how to do a more male take on this fashion... ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hello Im from Costa Rica I really like mori girl thank for the post I didn´t know that magazine, I´m trying to follow mori girls lifestyle I feel identified with it, but I´m not a big fan of wearing too many clothing pieces.

I let you this link is about an 17 year old girl who likes and applies mori girl lifestyle. I hope you like it.

Hausfrau said...

Nat, thank you for visiting and for directing me to a new Mori Girl blog! It looks great! :)

Barbara said...

Hello! :) I just run into your blog while looking for more information regarding Valon, which I recently purchased and presented in my own blog. I took the liberty to link back to your blog (this article) while talking about it because your blog is absolutely gorgeous :) I am happy to read someone else appreciated this magazine, I found it absolutely adorable!! Regards - Barbara

Shayla said...

I want this magazine so so bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm halfway there! I'm a musician and I love nature and mori girl~ Now to get my hands on some proper clothes.... Pretty hard to find anyone who ships to Norway with big enough sizes, I don't want too short skirts hahahah

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