Monday, September 16, 2013

Lovely Little Monschau

Well, hello! We've been back in Germany for about a month now, after getting First Child settled in on campus at her university in Arkansas (sniff, sniff!). Before settling back into a routine here, we made a day-trip to the delightful little town of Monschau, about an hour and a half from us in our Eifel region of Germany. In between rain showers, I had fun taking photos on my iPad of our eating mustard soup, seeing pretty flowers and cute dogs, and just wandering the streets of the Old Town. We have absolutely no idea why we'd never visited before, but we do know we'll be back.


Sunday Taylor said...

Congratulations on getting your daughter settled in college, A big milestone! This town looks charming, like something out of a storybook.

Hausfrau said...

Yes, Sunday--Monschau is definitely charming. I'm thinking it will be really beautiful around there in the next month or so. Thanks for the congratulations--it's a big transition for our family, especially since we're thousands of miles away from each other, but I think we're doing reasonably well!

April said...

Your photos are so beautiful they made me "homesick" for Germany. We lived close-ish to Kusel in Nanzdietschweiler while my hubby was stationed at Ramstein. We also lived in Misawa, Japan for 3 years too. I miss it too, Christmas in Germany is much better. Where did you live in Japan?

Hausfrau said...

Thanks, April! Hey, we have friends living in Kusel! We lived in Iwakuni, Japan, near Hiroshima (Marine Corps Air Station there). We loved Japan, but yes--Christmas in Germany is pretty great!

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