Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Springtime Miscellany

Enjoying great coffee, olive oils, and vinegars in our little downtown. Watching both kids play soccer in a European tournament (Daughter in the familiar posture of giving a teammate a pre-match hug). Day-tripping to Düsseldorf (Japantown!), Köln, and Nancy, mother-in-law in tow. Frolicking in the back yard with friends, on a rare (this year) sunny day. Having drinks outside a small castle nearby. Attending Daughter's Baccalaureate Ceremony last week. Hugging, laughing, and crying at graduation on Saturday. It's been a full, eventful Spring. We're heading to the States next week, for a full two months this year. I wish you a most happy summer, and I'll try not to be a stranger until we return!


BavarianSojourn said...

Lovely photos... Huge congratulations to your daughter, and have a wonderful US trip! :)

Hausfrau said...

Thanks so much! Have a great summer!

Helena said...

You must be soooo proud! What lovely accompanying pictures, too!

Hausfrau said...

Thank you, Helena! And yes, I am very proud!

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