Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Travel and Food Memory

I was browsing over at anthropologie yesterday when I happened upon the book Bought, Borrowed, and Stolen: Recipes and Knives from a Travelling Chef.

I was immediately intrigued, so I went and found this video (enjoy it--it's short and sweet). I love how British chef Allegra McEvedy pores over her well-used travel journals and comes up with her own recipes based on wonderful things she's eaten on her travels.

I was reminded of how great a role meals have played in my family's travels (as if I could ever forget--we practically plan vacations around food).

There was dessert after my 2008 birthday meal in Hong Kong.

There were many instances of amazing ramen and gyoza in Japan.

There was this canal-side omelet in Amsterdam,

roasted chicken in Bruges,

and fanciness-aplenty in Provence.

That's only scratching the surface, of course. I hope you all have some wonderful travel-related food memories, as well. Oh, and I'll be buying Allegra's book and sharing in her "borrowings." Maybe I'll try some re-creations of my own--just not the fried crickets and ants we had in Hanoi...


coco said...

well, at least you have lots of herbs, that is nice too.
I will be posting give away soon, if you are interested in.
have a good day!

coco said...

that traveling chef! wonderful thing that you find it.
Hausfrau, you must love cooking. what kind of meal do you usually cook for your family each dinner?
do you ever cook japanese food?

most of the time, i cook japanese food and for lunch i crave for italian. also, am a big fan of mexican and lately i have been craing for it again.

Monica said...

i love the combo of travel and food. will take a look at that book.

i do have great memories, but not in the expected sense. despite being foodies, we normally travel on a budget and although we certainly enjoy food, we don't experience great food. but we certainly experience interesting food. lol

usually we make up for it with desserts. gelato is cheap!

Celestial Charms said...

Cooking and traveling, two of the most delightful things to combine. The book must be fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

Visiting Hong are so lucky! Did you have mango pudding? It's one of my favourite and I tasted it in Japan but I know it got HK origins!

The video is cool, thank you for sharing :)


Di said...

It all looks delicious and the video was great. I always take lots of photos of food when I am on holiday - just back from Madrid and I have a whole post on food!!

Jay said...

Mhh. That's looks yummy. I am definately a foodie and I love visiting friends in other countries and bein able to have dinner with them and eating all that home-cooked deliciousness.

Sunday Taylor said...

I love the idea of a book about food and traveling. I put a lot of thought into our meals when we travel. It seems to be a big component of our trips and I have many good memories of great meals. Thanks for sharing yours!

Hausfrau said...

Thanks for all of these kind comments!

Coco, I prepare all kinds of meals for my family--they think it's a bit funny that I am constantly trying new recipes. Cookbooks and cooking blogs were made for people like me! We love Japanese food, and I would prepare more Japanese meals if we could get better ingredients here, such as udon, fresh miso, fish flakes for dashi, and daikon.

Barbara, yes, I had mango pudding! We were able to visit Hong Kong four times while we lived in Japan--we really like it.

Monica, I know what you mean about having more "interesting" than "great" food, out of necessity--we definitely have to economize as well!

coco said...

just posted giveaway if you like to take a peak

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