Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soup Like Baxters

I've never eaten Baxters Soups before, but their latest TV advert really speaks to me. Last-minute company coming for dinner at your isolated stone cottage in the beautiful, windblown countryside? Just drag out an old wooden table and chairs and an armload of candles, get a small bonfire going, and head outside with wool-sweater-clad family and friends and, of course, your adorable dog, to dine upon warming soups and crusty bread amidst laughter and reminiscences. Sunset over the lake makes it just that much better.


Monica said...

are they the same as baxters from uk? because i do like them very much, as far as tined soup goes they're pretty good.

and a warming commercial tends to sell me as well. lol

Hausfrau said...

Yes, Monica--this is the UK Baxters (we get British satellite TV here!). Glad to hear that their soups are good!

Celestial Charms said...

Love Baxters soup. Used to devour it on damp and rainy days in Ireland. A bowl of Baxters, a cup of tea, and fresh baked Irish Soda Bread...a perfect combination!
Cute commercial.

Relyn said...

sigh. Life often seems so much better when edited and art directed, doesn't it?

I'm Crayon said...

Ahhh..... We wouldn't be able to find the long extension cord for the record player and there would only be 2 cans of soup left because I hadn't been to the store!

Hausfrau said...

Good point, Relyn!

Crayon, I know just what you mean--that would likely happen to me, as well!

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