Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vater und Sohn

Last Saturday, our family took a day trip to Köln, over two hours away. Who knew that a 9-a.m. train would be filled to the brim with a group of near-drunk FC-Köln soccer hooligans en route to a local match? They were loud but actually fairly harmless, if a bit wobbly and smelly (puffing away in the non-smoking cars). We just kept saying, "This would SO never happen in Japan!" It was all a bit much for 9 a.m. The Girl, who somehow knew ("Called it!") that the tipsy group would break out in enthusiastic song/chant at some point, whipped out her Flip a few times to try to get some of the craziness captured on camera.

When we finally arrived and came out of the main train station to breathe fresh air right next to the beautiful Dom, it was really, really cold. We darted right back inside the large station and agreed on the pending importance of a warm heating vent and something to eat.

Sufficiently fed and warmed somewhat, we headed back outside. I'd hoped to get some good photos around the Dom area, but wouldn't you know it? The Boy's camera, which I'd brought along due to its portability, lost its charge almost immediately. The Boy was able to get this photo inside the cathedral, though.

I think it's nice, and all, but I really wanted more than one photo to document our day. I even pouted a little in the cathedral. Coffee and crepes in a nearby café muted my disappointment slightly. Then we decided to visit Museum Ludwig, thought to be one of the best collections of modern art in all of Europe. We were very, very impressed with this museum, and we stayed so long that we didn't have time to do much else before getting on a return train (Chocolate Museum, we'll see you another time!).

Anyway, the museum has a wonderful bookstore/gift shop, which I couldn't resist exploring briefly. As is often the case, my eye fell almost immediately on the delightful, if small, children's book section. It was there that I stumbled upon the little world of Vater und Sohn.

e. o. plauen's adorable 1930s wordless cartoons are about--yes, a father and son. The two of them have the sweetest little adventures at home and outdoors. I found them very endearing, so I couldn't resist a small yellow book of Vater und Sohn comics, for just over three euros.

Aren't they charming? 

We'll hopefully visit Köln again soon. Next time we go, we'll check the FC-Köln schedule...


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a lovely day! It's so disappointing when the cameras conk out. :( And I love the drunken group singing on the train! I can't think of many times you see a group of American men break into song. But, why not? So fun.

Carrie said...

I want to make a trip here so badly! It will be my luck that when my husband and I finally make it, we'll have the same sort of camera troubles... Glad you guys got some great memories, even if no accompanying photos.

Hausfrau said...

Jennifer, that's a great way to look at it (the drunken singing thing!).

Carrie, hope you're able to make it to Köln soon!

Relyn said...

Chocolate Museum??? So curious. Hope you go soon - I want to know more.

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