Monday, February 28, 2011

Funky Town

Need a hit of Fairytale color? Enjoy these photos from German magazine We Love Living, 9-2010 (last issue of the year).

This is the home of Birgitte Møller Nielsen, in Denmark. I think Birgitte is a stylist for Rice, which makes perfect sense when you see her style.

A bright orange wall! It works beautifully here, don't you think?

What a great room. I love the wall display, the lamp, and all the green on the couch. I appreciate Scandinavian design most when it's this full of fun color and texture. 

If you like We Love Living, you'll enjoy this post by Frau Haselmayer and this one by Holly of Decor8.


Carrie said...

Beautiful! Love these. Now if only I could get her to come give my apartment a face lift... ;)

Relyn said...

What a great magazine. It's got to be fantastic to have access to all the foreign mags. Lucky you. Lucky us because you share.

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