Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our 23 Minutes of Fame

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Um, so--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, right? I apologize for my lengthy, semi-intentional absence from blogging over the extended holiday season. Frankly, I got a bit lazy and distracted prior to Christmas. I really did mean to post some pictures from a couple of local Christmas markets, but--well, I just didn't. We didn't make it to as many markets as we'd have liked, anyway, due to the crazy weather (almost a month of snow accumulation--at long last, it has finally melted!). Thankfully we hadn't planned a trip over the holidays.

There was also this small thing, of Husband's back locking up and his spending a week and a half in a local German hospital. Fun times. He's okay now, slowly recuperating and now back at work. Here's a photo of our view from the eleventh floor on New Year's Eve. That's one we'll remember.

Amidst all of the holiday hullaballoo, I forgot to let you all know that our HGTV House Hunters International episode (I mentioned it a while back) aired on January 1! Of course, we weren't able to watch it as it aired in the States, but we've seen it now, thanks to a cousin of mine.

In case you watch the video, I feel the need to say that while we are every bit as goofy in real life as we were on TV, we aren't quite as dumb. We knew beforehand that German homes usually don't have built-in closets and that (built-in) kitchens aren't often "included." We also knew that German restaurants typically have German menus. Hey, it's all about maximum entertainment value, people! I'll put it this way: there's a whole lotta' acting involved.

Don't hate us 'cause we're famous.


Jennifer said...

That was fun to watch! When we first started looking at houses here, I was surprised at how modern so many interiors looked.

I still can't get over how they moved everything out to film. Craziness!

sheila said...

You didn't come off anywhere NEAR goofy! I thought you were both quite thoughtful. That was pretty interesting - I've always wondered if it really DOES boil down to only three choices, or did you look at a number of places and the show narrowed it down to 3 choices?

Hausfrau said...

Jennifer, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Sheila, thank you! I appreciate your thoughts. And actually, the showing of the houses on this particular show is all staged--we had already bought our house before they ever came to film us! Those other two houses weren't even on the market when we were looking. Interesting, right?

Jaime said...

That was great fun to watch. It's so amazing how much is staged in a show like this...maybe I have just been way too gullible!
Funny how people take their kitchens with them when they move. :)

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