Friday, January 28, 2011

Did You Read...?

Ah, Portlandia: this is pure genius. These are my people. The Hubs and I lived in Oregon (though not in Utopia Portland--couldn't afford it!) for a while back in the 90s. Yep.

Thanks to blog pal Eurolush for the find! I can't wait to watch episodes in their entirety.


vmichelle said...

I've been meaning to check this out - it sounds very funny. While I've never been to Portland, I'd venture that Austin has its similarities. Maybe a little internet watching for me this weekend!

Jennifer said...

I loved this too! Watched the first episode on Hulu. "The dream of the 90's is alive in Portland!!!" Hahaha We lived in Portland for a little over five years, three states ago. I miss it and can't wait to go back, but this cracks me up.

katrina said...


eurolush said...

Put a bird on it.

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