Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Best in Bohemian, Lived-in Style

I think this may well be my favorite home tour by The Selby so far: the Harlem home of Albert Maysles (of original Grey Gardens fame) and his wife, therapist Gillian Walker. It's the real thing: unstudied and not "decorated"; radiating with life; and full of color and beautiful, meaningful items that have obviously been lovingly collected and curated over a number of years. Of course, I especially love all the books and the not-just-for-show kitchen. When The Husband and I get to this age, I can only hope our house will look half this cool. Head on over for a look (be sure to read Gillian's views on Maximalism) and then come back to let me know if you love it as much as I do!


vmichelle said...

Yes, it is colorful and feels very "real". The library room would have to be my favorite, but I always go for library rooms. If I were a set designer for movies, I'd get a lot of inspiration from this place.

A Vintage Chic said...

Wow! What a fabulous, colorful, memory-filled home--love it!

So glad I found your blog this morning! I've been enjoying reading some of your earlier posts....

I'll be back often to say hi--hope your day is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I loved that on too!! Great home

Relyn said...

So? Have I visited yet and told you how thrilled I am that you are playing along with me in the swap? Well, I am. I'll be sending an email in an hour or so. Yay! Thanks so much for participating. Blessings to you, my friend. ~ Relyn

Jaime said...

This is the kind of house you just want to wander around in very slowly and look at everything close up. It makes me want to have lunch with these two and soak up some of their creative vibes. They must be very interesting people!

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