Friday, September 10, 2010

Amsterdam in August

We visited Amsterdam for four days in August while my mother-in-law was here. It had been fifteen years since the Husband and I had been, so it was nice to go again and to take our family. I love bicycle cultures, but I must say I'd forgotten how aggressive the non-rule-following bikes can be in this city. You really do have to pay much more attention to the bikes than to cars. But maybe that's not a bad thing? Anyway, here's a handful of photos from our trip.

Most of these were taken in the peaceful Jordaan neighborhood, which we loved. Some parts of Amsterdam are so busy and crowded that it can be hard to slow down and take leisurely photos. Thankfully the Jordaan is very photogenic. More later...

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Celestial Charms said...

Oh,Im so jealous. Love Amsterdam, and it has been way too many years since I've had the pleasure of seeing it. I too love the Jordaan neigborhood. There are so many lovely little restaurants there, and so peaceful to stroll the pretty streets there. Have a wonderful weekend.

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