Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello Again, Florence!

I finally made it back to Florence, Italy. I was in Firenze twenty-five years ago for a college semester and loved it, so when Husband and I backpacked around Europe for our first anniversary five years later, I had to show him around.

It's hard to believe that twenty years later, I'm showing my daughter around. The Girl is here as part of the same program, and I traveled with her from Germany to Milan, then on to Florence to get her situated in our university's villa, surrounded by olive trees on the outskirts of the city. Before heading out to the villa, we had almost two days just to roam around the city and soak in the beauty (and, ahem, eat an undisclosed amount of gelato). The Girl is already loving it, and hopefully we'll get down there to visit her again sometime before the end of the semester.

Santa Maria Novella, a favorite Florentine church of mine (and yes, we also visited the SMN Apothecary--not to be missed!)

lovely detail outside this pizzeria

Very interesting art display in a window--wish there was a shop attached! I'd like to have one of those lamps with Florentine scenes.

Fountain of Neptune, in the Piazza della Signoria--still a favorite spot of mine despite having to dodge (other) tourists and their cameras

The Girl, indulging in a four-euro (gulp!) espresso and a bit of people-watching

The Ponte Vecchio, on a beautiful day

sunset over the Arno

Ete Bistro, such a delightful little boho place for a light dinner and drinks--the owners are so kind, and the tasting platter is delicious and filling.

Il Duomo, I've missed you so! You're still so terribly photogenic.

Ciao, for now--see you again, soon!


Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I would give a lot to travel as you do. What lovely glimpses you give us. Are you well, friend. I've missed being here.

Monica G. M said...

hi there, it's been a loooong time!

really enjoyed seeing these images. i can't wait to get back to italy one day, and take my little girl with me.

Hausfrau said...

Nice to see you again, Monica!

Hausfrau said...

Relyn, thank you! I am doing well and hope you are, too. Have a joyous holiday season!

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