Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Sullivans, and the Soul of a Home

Robert and Suzanne Sullivan (and their kids) are very, very cool people, if this video of them in their home is any indication. And I'm pretty sure it is.

As soon as I watched Our American Revolution, I immediately pinned it, but then I realized I couldn't stop there. I had to share it here as well.

Why am I so taken with it? Well, I love that these creative people seem to be living exactly the way they want, doing what they want to do. They live a home-based life, which I admire, and they appear to get along with each other really well. And I love that they surround themselves with beautiful things--not expensive things, but items that often have great personal meaning to them.

I sometimes like to look around my home--in any particular room, or two--and call up memories of where and when I got many of the things my eye falls upon (there's plenty to see--I could never be a minimalist!). I'm looking at one shelf now, and I see items from South Korea, Malaysia, mainland Japan, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Panama, Germany, England, and Ireland. I have these things because I truly like them, and they remind my of my travels (though a couple of the items were gifts from friends). The only thing there that I could remotely call "expensive" is the lamp from Hong Kong.

But of course, it's not necessary to travel abroad to build your own collection of tangible memories--you'll see this in the Sullivans' video. It's about having things that you love around you--not so you can show them off to others, but because they make you happy. Isn't that the best kind of "decorating"?


Ariana Mullins said...

I loved this! Their home was warm and creative, full of life and spirit. I will admit that it was way too cluttered for my liking, but I found myself wishing I could be OK with having so much saved, collected and surrounding me. Thank you for sharing this!

BavarianSojourn said...

Our house is an odd collection from where we have lived and travelled too. Having lived in Scandinavia for two years though, I seem to have developed a bit of an addiction there! :D

Marianne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I absolutley loved it! Even for the amount of collections they have their home, it doesn't look cluttered at all. So refreshing. I could never be a minimalist either!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I have been watching this over and over again since finding it on your blog last night. I LOVE it...all of the tiny, delicate memories and objects and the warmth. reminded me of my mom and of what I want in our home and of the kind of people we need to surround ourselves with...we are still trying to find our tribe here. keep reminding myself that it takes time and this was a good reminder to savor and love the things that do surround us and travel with us on this nomadic path. thank you for sharing this.

p.s. we are going to attempt a space-a flight to germany this weekend. keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it will happen.

Hausfrau said...

Dim Sum,
Hope you make that Space-A flight! I'll look forward to hearing what happens.

I'm so glad you feel the way I do about this video, and I totally understand the difficulties in finding your tribe--especially when you move frequently.

Dawn M said...

what an interesting blog! I LOVE your header!! I see that it is new, so I don't know what the other one was, but my first thought was "Oh my gorgeousness!!"

Such an interesting life you lead! Im glad you blog about it so that we can see it! I have a couple of friends living in Germany due to the military and seeing the food, culture, words, etc. I love your fairytale finds, too!
Thanks for sharing!!

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