Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ireland: The Burren Perfumery

While driving around the near-lunar landscape of the area known as The Burren in County Clare, we managed to make our way to a stop recommended in one of my guidebooks. The Burren Perfumery is buried deep within this already-isolated region, so getting there via the tiny back-country roads wasn't exactly easy. We almost turned around in frustration a couple of times, but we ended up being glad we didn't.

We were rewarded with a visit to this lovely place, which became a highlight of our trip.

All of their herbal products, from the soap I bought for the friend watching Yoshi for us, to the calendula balm I bought myself, to the Harvest fragrances I coveted, are truly all-natural and often organic.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. After making my purchases in the shop, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the award-winning herb garden paths, taking way too many photos of various plantings. Aren't the spiral wire plant markers cute? I think I'll make some of those for my own garden.

We were pretty hungry and thirsty after our meandering drive, so we couldn't resist ordering something from the adorable tearoom.

We saw this guard-kitty and also the Perfumery's owner, Sadie Chowen, with her little daughter in tow.

Let's just say that it was all very much my cup of tea.


Sunday Taylor said...

I have never been to Ireland and would love to go. This perfumery looks wonderful and I love the spiral plant makers in the garden. Like you, I take hundreds of pictures when I travel, and I love to go back to them for ideas and inspiration. What a wonderful trip you had!

BavarianSojourn said...

I have a friend who lives close to The Burren, we once spent the coldest afternoon in living history inspecting Dolmens. I think I like the idea of the perfumery much more! :)

Crafty Mermaid said...

Oh how wonderful - back in Ireland next year and will have to plan a trip there (and know just the person I need to talk into coming iwht me!)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed our time in The Burren as well.
We had the great pleasure of befriending the husband and wife team who created the beautiful walls and gardens at the perfumery.
Truly a place to remember.

Relyn Lawson said...

Hey, you. I was reading some of my old posts. (Do you ever do that.) I read a comment where you described yourself in three words as finder, maker, wanderer. It made me want to pop by and say hello. Hello, friend.

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