Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Berlin Briefly by Coach

Two weeks ago, I went to Berlin with The Boy's eighth-grade class, for their middle-school "graduation" trip. I repeat, I went to Berlin with eighth-graders--thirty of them.

We left from the school parking lot on a bus, at midnight. We spent that whole night on the bus. I repeat, I spent all night riding a bus with eighth-graders. After stopping for breakfast outside Berlin at a McDonald's and letting the kids burn some energy, we headed into the city.

We met our guide and started on a two-hour bus tour--mind you, after having been up all night. Actually, I did sleep a fair amount, as I was able to curl up across two seats, like a cat. But still. I don't think The Boy and his buddies got much sleep. Until the city tour began.

It was a characteristically gray day, with showers from time to time, and it was also unfortunately rather chilly. The kids didn't really care about that, of course.

Our first stop on our city tour was at Checkpoint Charlie, which was cool, though I didn't pay the couple of euros to have our picture taken with the costumed re-enactors there. I preferred photographing these parts of the Wall. 

I also took pictures of random things, such as this circus-and-road scene, that somehow spoke to me. They said, "This is the real Berlin--almost."

I snapped this out the bus window. It's of a bahnhof (train station) entrance; I found these enchanting in Berlin.

True, isn't it? I'll be back soon with another post about our two-day adventure, which turned out to be quite fun after all--despite spending a night on a bus.


May said...

You are really brave to go along with 30 eight grade boys!!! Phew!!
We too want to visit Berlin, but wonder whether we will make it that side.

MsCaroline said...

I went to high school in Germany and have fond memories of traveling to Berlin with groups, which we did back then on the train (carefully controlled by the East Germans at the border and Checkpoint Charlie)- no buses. All the charming artifacts (Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, etc.) that you mention were still 'real' in the years we were there - although they came down not long afterwards. Added a real thrill to the trips, and we always worked ourselves into a frenzy of Cold War excitement imagining what would happen if we were to be detained (never happened.) Between the checkpoints (when we were all quiet and terrified) I'm sure we drove our chaperones crazy. Speaking as a high school teacher myself, I can only say: God Bless You.

Hausfrau said...

You really should go if you get the chance. Thanks for your comment!

How interesting to hear about your experiences! I think I would have been pretty freaked out, myself, to have visited back in the pre-Fall days!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy swetie! this is beautiful! if you want to follow each other just tell me, kisses!


Gabriele V. said...

Hello dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?


have a nice day!

Nicoleta_B said...

Very intresting and lovely blog!

What do u say about following each others blog on Gfc and bloglovin just to stay in contact this way?

Lots of love,


Lucija said...

I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog if you would follow me and I will follow you immediately Have a great day honey

Varla Lee said...

Hi! I really like your blog! Now is my list. Hugs from Italy.

Hausfrau said...

I am delighted to have new followers--thank you!

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful photos and post!!! Would you like to follow each other?
Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

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