Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gypset Style

I've been meaning to blog about this book for ages. I bought the book last year, but somehow I just discovered the blog. Here's what author Julia Chaplin has to say about Gypset Style:
My general approach to life and my writing is to have hi-low grand adventures. During my travels I came up with the word Gypset: (gypsy + jet-set) to describe a new type of travel, and cultural foraging at home, that redefines the optimal adventure as something with the global references and chic speed of the jet-set mixed with the alternative, anti-commercialism and nomadic wile of a gypsy.

Cool, yes? Though I may not have the financial profile (not necessary, supposedly, but...) or street-cred (Devendra Banhart! Jade Jagger!) of the true Gypsetter, I certainly appreciate the mindset and aesthetic. And I certainly don't think I'd mind hanging out for a bit with Damien Hirst and Maia Norman on their Thames-River houseboat.

Note: the book is more about a way of life than a certain "look," so don't expect lots of house photos (I would have liked more). But since it's text-heavy, if you're curious about the Gypset lifestyle, you're likely to learn a lot.


Monica said...

i came across this a while back and got the impression is was a term to describe those already leading a lifestyle of travel (with cash) and yet with a gypsy mindset. a bit like bohos - bohemian in style rather than in true mindset...

thanks for reminding me of it. i would like interior pics too.

p.s, did you know you had word evrification on? no prob if you want it! it's just many don't realise.

Hausfrau said...

Interesting thoughts, Monica. You are probably right about some of the people featured in the book--a bit heavier on the "jet-set" than the "gypsy," maybe?

You know, I'm thinking of turning off word verification--believe I will give it a try. I turned it off for a while with my previous blogs and ended up with quite a bit of spam, so I just automatically turned it on when I started this blog. It's irritating to deal with the Captcha, though, so I think I'll turn it off and see what happens!

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