Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Bruges

We had a lovely couple of days here in August, despite the chilly rain that fell off and on. My favorite shopping stop was Netherlands-based Dille & Kamille (loads of homekeeping goodness!), and we had two wonderful meals at tucked-away Koets, in a remodeled carriage house just down the street from our hotel. 

Oh, and we celebrated a certain very special boy's twelfth birthday here...


Bohemian girl said...

HI, it is nice here. So what is the secret of waiting for the first frost before picking rose hips?

Hausfrau said...

Thank you, Magda. I think that rose hips sweeten after the first frost or two--anyone reading this, correct me if I'm wrong!

karin said...

very nice on your place. I'm a Netherlands lover too. And many posts about things I like too :)

The Hausfrau said...

Thanks, Karin!

diariodeunacouturier said...

I love Brugge and I love your blog.

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