Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing A Small Village and a Small Dog

I figure it's about time I make the proper introductions.  I live in a German village that's attached to a larger German town.  When referring recently to this particular area as "the country," The Husband and I were gently corrected by German friends (you see, this is not the country--there are shops and restaurants here!  Oh.  Right.).

Since it was quite cold but almost sunny yesterday around noon, I decided to head out for a short walk around part of the village.  I took a few representative photos; I would have taken more except that I had to attend to this little guy, our family's new addition, who didn't really see the need to be still during photography shenanigans:
I know.  He couldn't be any cuter!

His name is Yoshi, and he's a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.  He'd like you to know that his birthday is October 1, in case you were thinking of sending a gift.

Now, for some typical village scenery.

Leaving the village--is that the country?

Enthralling, yes?  Suspicious Kitty assures you that there will be more village photos to come...


Celestial Charms said...

Yoshi is oh so cute. I never saw a Yorkshire Terrier quite like that one. Special little doggie. I try to keep his birthday in mind! Love the village tour, can never get enough of walks on blogs. So interesting to see what other's see where they live. I should really follow suit ;)
Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentines Day. Hope you get to enjoy some German chocolate.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yoshi is so adorable! I love little dogs. I was lucky enough to live in Germany for awhile and loved every minute of it. Thanks for showing us around your village. Happy Valentine's day! Twyla

Florence and Mary said...

Yoshi is adorable,

Victoria xx

vmichelle said...

Ok, it's not possible for Yoshi to be cuter. I have no pets of my own, but live vicariously. You'll have to trot him out again!

Dragonfly said...

Yoshi is super-cute! A new little blog friend for Patsy!!
Great pics!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling thanks so much for visiting me regularly and for the sweet and caring comments you leave behind. I treasure our friendship and wanted to wish you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

Love & Hugs

devonaz said...

Oh my Yoshi is adorable,,,I have a yorkie to but not that kind,,,we lived in Germany for 31/2 years a loved to visit all the small villages around us..we lived in Fulda and what a beautiful city that is..I love looking and reading your blog...have a blessed day..

page rank secret said...

hello! how are you?
happy valentine 2010 *_*

Giovanna ♥ said...

Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day!!

Relyn said...

I have been wanting and wanting to come by and visit you. To tell you how glad I am that you found me. But, man, have I ever got the Februaries. Still, I had to come to day and say hello. And wish you and yours a very happy Valentine's Day! May you know how very much you are loved. Happy Valentine's Day.

Jacqueline said...

One day I'm going to have a doggie fashion show...maybe I'll do it for his birthday! Ship him off to my house anyday and the gnomes will love him to the moon and back. I'm fasinated by your village...waiting to see more!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling hope you weekend was fabulous, wishing you a lovely week. Yoshi is too adorable.

Love & Hugs

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